Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lucky 07

Its lucky 7, its the year of James Bond (007, duh). Oh my God, its already 2007. How did this happen? I moved to LA in '01. I'm feeling so overwhelmed I can barely decide what to write in this blog. I felt like I needed to communicate with all of you - after all, two major holidays have just passed. But all I've been doing is working at the restaurant again and trying to figure out how to audition, earn money, do shows and take classes at night, all while not going insane. I certainly can't buy a new gaming system for myself, not right now. I just finished Kingdom Hearts 2, and I'm experiencing that usual post-game disorientation. I wander around the house, unsure of what a normal person does with minutes and hours. I stuff some of them into my new book, Eldest (its the follow-up to Eragon - DONT GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!). The house is relatively clean, I suppose I could do a load of laundry. I've even found time to start running again. But with this new year upon me, I suppose I ought to be stablishing more lofty goals. I've picked out a Journalism class at UCLA that I think I will take, and that's about the extent of my resolutions to date. I'm afraid I can't offer you much of anything insightful or inspiring these days. I'm sorry. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Nic said...

Iss okay mang, you got plenty time to stablish goals later in da yer. Journalsim class is already mucho trabajo!

Overdroid said...

You can always come over and play with my Wii (I am not being innapropriate!). Or you could make a new years resolution to come over and play with my Wii.