Thursday, October 25, 2007

Videos and More Videos

Mom, Dad - I wasn't planning on sharing this with you. You won't like the language I use in my latest project, and you will definitely be uncomfortable with my very plunging neckline. So don't click on the link to my new video game review. Or at least, let me explain myself first.

You see, being an actor in LA is hard. They want you to be creative and sort of develop your own career. You can do this by making an ass of yourself on reality TV, or by writing your own movies and producing them, or by being the child of a famous person. So I decided to combine what I do best with what I do all the time, and I have begun to shoot video game reviews. I post them online and that's it. I wait and see. Maybe I keep posting reviews and create a little following, or maybe I just teach myself a little more about what I look like on camera. Or maybe in six months, after countless reviews have been posted, I take all my material and turn it into a real show that I pitch to big heavy tv types. The ones with the money. This could go anywhere or nowhere. I am mostly doing it for fun.

Honestly, it's the thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters approach. I just keep plugging away until something sticks. So far, this method has kept me in health insurance and a small developing pension. But I have been busy this month, I posted my first review, and I also submitted a 30 second spot to a local radio station contest. I don't know if they got my entry or not, but I think the spot is very funny.

So I'm sorry if you aren't thrilled with the f-bomb I drop. I agree, it's unnecessary, and in the next review I am going to ease up on the heavy language and maybe wear something a little less...boob-y. So you've been warned. At least it's not nudity. Trust me, this could have been a lot worse.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

World Domination

I can't even say that I'm terribly busy right now. Auditions have been slow, I've been avoiding the restaurant. On the other hand, I've been going to the gym a bit more regularly now. And I finished playing my latest fave game, Bioshock. Tomorrow morning I will be shooting my first ever video game review with the help of my gorgeous amazing friend Tania Gonzalez, so stay tuned for the link to that review.

So I guess the only logical reason why I haven't been blogging is probably you. I mean I have had all this time to let you know about my two week vacation to home, New Orleans and Atlanta, but instead I've remained cruelly silent. Its probably what you said the other night when we were watching Dr. Who. Well, if you don't know, then maybe we need some time apart for you to think real hard and remember.

Good. Now that you've said you're sorry, I can tell you about my two weeks of fun.

I surprised my brother in New Orleans for his 30th. My sister flew in from DC and she and I rode with my parents to New Orleans. We partied with Jay all weekend, and then went back to Seminole, AL for some quality time at Mom and Dad's house. My redneck yearning to float down a river in a tire tube was satisfied. As was sitting in a warm summer rain on the dock (see picture).

For the next week I was in Atlanta, performing with the LA team in the World Domination Theatresports Tournament at Dad's Garage. We tied for first place, although between you and me, I think we were a clear second to the rockstars who are Iron Cobra. I'm not being modest. You would quake with fear too if you saw what these freaks can do. But don't envy them. They are unnaturally funny, and will probably have ridiculous success for the rest of their lives that will make them lonely way up on their tower of amazing. Anyway, I had an incredible time playing with my old ATL pals, and I discovered two cool new things: Flip Cup and Whirly Ball. I posted a couple of videos on YouTube of Flip Cup competitions, including the one I linked here. By the way, as I get more into this internet craze, I hope you will join me and do things like comment on my stuff all the time and link my crap to yours. Also if you show me how to link your crap to mine, I'll do that. Still learning.