Monday, April 28, 2008

The Latest

Sometimes, you gotta start where you are. My front yard is in desperate need of watering. So I let the hose drip all day long and just move it from section to section. Its the only thing that seems to work: because of the soil, if I just stand there watering the ground it all just runs down to the sidewalk and makes a puddle. It's very embarrassing that ours is the only dead yard on the block. That's what's been on my mind this morning.

I also got a job at Universal Studios theme park for the summer. I will be working at one of their live shows. The idea is to start looking for other avenues of income separate from waiting tables. The kinds of jobs that might lead to other more adult jobs that do not include restaurant manager in the title. Also the kinds of jobs that maybe happen during the day so I can feel a little more human. I am very excited because its a gig that most of my friends have so it will be a lot like summer camp. Including the sweltering heat and stinky whiny kids part. Wow. I don't sound like I'm thrilled about this new job, but I really am. It's five minutes from the house, and hey, it's a THEME PARK!

I will also keep the waiting tables job because I'm trying to stock the savings. But I'm one step closer to the end of my service career. Whew!

These days I am trying to avoid the heat (100+ in the Valley!!) and I'm working on the hustle. That means I'm tired of playing nice. I'm asking everyone for favors out here, and I'm not shy these days about selling my soul for a decent agent, audition or acting gig. I don't know what changed. But that's what I'm up to these days. Sorry that I haven't been blogging lately. I sure would love to be more insightful and expressive like my friend "Tommy Housworth" or informative and heart-warming like "Nora Lee's mommy Sara" but sometimes you just need to catch up. Alright. Back to the daily. I love you all.