Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Secret

It's a little creepy, how such a cheesy DVD can happen to be watched at just the moment before things start going really well in your life. The video is called THE SECRET, and it's this positive-thinking self-help type video that Oprah got us all to watch recently. It plays like it's been directed by whoever ruined the Da Vinci Code movie. The Secret, by the way, is to think positively and visualize what you want as if you already had it. Apparently they didn't apply their own secret to visualizing some better editing and effects, but they aren't completely crazy. I watched the DVD last weekend, and now I am having the awesomest week I've had in a while. Maybe its coincidence, but I won't be the one to say it.

My friend Tiffany, after watching The Secret, booked 3 weeks on a Stephen King movie, OUT OF ATLANTA. Anni watched it and now gets to park in the best spots wherever she goes. She's also working on visualizing a house for herself. I watched it, and within this one week, I stumbled upon a friend who wants to help me make my fleeting idea of combining my gaming, writing and acting talents into a viable commodity. (Sorry I can't be more specific, but if it all happens the way I'm visualizing, trust me you'll be the first to know exactly what I'm up to!) Also this week, I met and signed with a great new commercial agency - Coast to Coast. AND my journalism teacher? Get this: at the beginning of class this week, he calls me out in front of everyone to tell me I'm "ready for the papers", a great writer, and he would write me a referral to any paper "Right NOW." Seriously, this stuff is for REAL. And there's more, that's just some of the rockin' stuff that has made me realize...maybe...just MAYBE... there's something to all this corny hippy California feel-good voodoo. MAYBE. Check it out for yourself. Supposedly you can watch the whole video on You Tube. Someday soon you'll be able to see the future on You Tube as well. I won't be surprised.

Thanks for the really kind emails/comments after my last post. I guess I'm a little more transparent than I originally thought. You all know me too well. That's it! No more painfully soul-searching posts. It's all Video Game reviews from now on!! HA HA! You'll never hear my cry for support through a scathing review of the latest God of War release! ("Kratos should just give up... Why even bother fighting those big bossess? He's just going to find that the world doesn't appreciate him and no matter how many dungeons he clears, he'll never clear the dungeon that is his soul... I give this game 4 lonely sobs.")


Nic said...

Wow! Can The Secret picture lock my frickin' documentary by next week? And does getting another agent so fast and easily give you that feeling like when you find out you've been puting quarters in the free drier for years, or that you had an assigned parking spot that no one told you about, or that they make really good pre-made, roll-out puff dough?!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen "The Secret", but the idea of believing what you want is already yours is a powerful one - I learned it from Tony Robbins (yes, I confess, I'm a sucker for the methods of that overgrown motivatin' maniac). It can definitely work, not because the externals bend to your mere will, but because you're so positive what you want is within grasp, you claim it with less guilt and more confidence. And, yeah, I imagine the cosmic tumblers do fall into place for you a bit more when you're walking around with that kind of mindset.
It's worked for me before, and when I've only half-assed it, I've gotten half-assed results. So, good for you...and for Tiff...and for your friend who likes to park (we've all got dreams).

Really proud of ya, kid sis. Some folks would navel-gaze for months, some would crawl into a bottle or turn into Elvis in front of the TV, eating fried sandwiches and shooting their handgun at "American Idol" promos. did something...and it's working.

Don't let the bastards get ya down. Keep it up and know that success is already yours.

I guess I better learn something about gaming so I can have better appreciation for your writings. You got anything on Pong? Q-bert?


Anonymous said...

OH! "THE Secret!" I couldn't figure out why everyone was so excited about "The Secret of NIHM." I kept expecting those animated rats to tell me something about the meaning of life.

Just so you know, they don't.

ablebody said...

you are kratos. the gods are using you. the nightmares will never end. and suicide is not an option.
here's the solution:
never spill the blood of innocents, only your own.
pan's labryinth tells all.