Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spoken in Haste

I almost took that last blog down, because I wrote it when I was very sad, and as is common in my profession, it was super dramatic. It made Mom cry. And Dad sent an email. Of course, Dad sends an email every thirty seconds, so I can't really count that as a phenomenon. The point is, I rather boldy inferred that I don't have any friends out here that are "close", like "family". That's not true. In fact, I have many friends out here that I could turn to in a time of need, and a few really special folks that have been supportive of me through thick and lots of thin. I guess what I failed to acknowledge in my cloudy moment was that being an adult with adult friends is sort of new to me. When I was a kid, if you were my best friend (and I had about ten at any given moment), I could prove it by looking in my backpack for folded up notes with signatures like BFF and LYLAS. When I got home from school, if you were my bestest new/old friend, we would talk on the telephone for about an hour, and then take another hour to hang up - you go first, no, YOU go first. No, YOU. Hang on, MOM! I'm hanging up right now! OK I gotta go, you hang up, OK? CMON, I gotta go! YOU HANG UP!

It was so easy back then.

I've thought about inviting the following people over to have a big slumber party, but that doesn't mean the same thing now that Mom and Dad don't live with me. But here are just a few of the folks I should have mentioned in my last blog. Call it my BFF list. There's more, but I thought I'd introduce you to a few:

My roomie Ryan - a puppy in mud. Ryan and I lucked out last year when we became roomies and discovered that we have more in common than Dean Koontz and Stephen King. We love to play video games together, and he's the one who gave me the attitude adjustment this past Sunday when I sang my "I ain't got nobody" song.

Sara and Matt Young - I can't shake these fools. No matter how hard I try, they are the coolest couple a single girl could model her secret marriage fantasy after. Matt I've known since college, and Sara I met when I moved out - they let me stay at their apartment when I first came to check out LA. Hey, I moved here didn't I? So obviously its all their fault.

Joseph Limbaugh - JoJo McDeli-Dad and about fifty other nicknames. Joseph is the director at the theatre (ACME) where I do comedy and if it weren't for him I'd probably be allergic to improv. Our friendship began ten years ago when we played together at Dad's Garage. He also will kick anyone's ass at DK racing, but not necessarily MarioKart.

Josh Flaum - Josh and I really became friends when we worked on the Underground together. I can't believe how much I love talking to this guy, and we still have topics yet undiscussed... He is smarter than the Atom Bomb.

Anni Lundy - I like redheads born in August. So this was a perfect fit. Anni and I met at ACME and, well, its obvious to everybody but us that we are totally gay for each other. Come on, that trip to Big Bear?? Nobody was fooled, not even her cool hubbie Dan. Seriously. Its gross. Oh, AND we are running the Vegas marathon together. HELLO! GAY CITY!

Tania Gonzalez - Whew. Thats me breathing a sigh of relief that this girl is back in my life. We were friends in college, but out here in LA its a whole new ballgame. She makes me laugh, and again with the awesome inspiring relationship - her husband Mike Yav is one of may favorite peeps in the universe also.

Deb and Brendan O'Neill - Thats right, you cynics! They are married! Like that and the Red Sox winnning the Series are the two greatest events of all time! I met Deb and Brendan one weekend in Sarasota at FSU's graduate theatre program, but it wasn't until I moved out here... well its a long story, but now we work together at Asia de Cuba, Deb and I - and Brendan is my Maggiano's hook-up. Also a mean Guitar-Hero-ist.

OK, I should take a break from this list, which is written in order of physical attractiveness. (Couples' scores are averaged). I just don't want Mom and Dad to think I don't have pals out here. But maybe more importantly, I want to make sure I don't forget.


Overdroid said...

I can beat anyone at DK racing AND Mario Kart. 'Nuff Said.

Tara Ochs said...

OH WOW - I woke up the other night and realized Chad Darnell was NOT ON THIS LIST. He gets his own list, as soon as I figure out how to change the font to GOLD LASER OF AWESOMENESS. Because he seriously deserves that...