Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don't Buy Star Wars Lego 2 for the DS

It has to be posted somewhere. I am appalled at the nerve of Lucas Arts, Amaze Ent, Nintendo, etc etc for releasing this mockery. First off, I bought SWLego2 for the PS2 for my brother this past Christmas, and he practically crapped himself with joy. I was officially declared best gift giver EVER. I played SWL2 on my roommates PSP and had to lock the door to keep him from taking it away from me. Until I couldn't watch the screen anymore through all the drool. What a brilliant game - hilarious, fun, nostalgic... Good personalized platforming fun. And so when I saw the DS version sitting proudly on the shelves, cleverly disguising itself as the exact same game, I bit. I practically knocked over an 8-year-old debating the Pokemon releases to get my copy. FORTY dollars that is so GONE now, that I would have rather mailed it to my cellphone company. I should have bought 4 tickets to Bridge to Terabithia. It would have been a better way to spend my cash.

This game is a textbook example of the things that can go wrong when repackaging games for different consoles. It's clear after a few minutes that the power of the DS was so minimal that most of the gameplay had to be drastically trimmed down. No more funny jokes like a pair of stormtroopers bathing in a hottub. All I got was one lousy rebel taking a pee in the Hoth station, and he didn't even react when I shot him while his Lego pants were down, except to shake his head disdainfully. Which is what I now do to Lucas Arts. Shame, Shame, Shame. The graphics engine is ABYSMAL. My characters and other objects are constantly disappearing. The camera gets stuck behind walls, the puzzles have been stripped down to the most mundane tasks, and I have had to restart levels a number of times because of glitches like moronic AI getting "caught" in repetitive regeneration. The second screen is practically useless, except for switching characters, which I do on a regular basis to fix glitches. I LOVE Star Wars AND Legos, so naturally I fought with all my heart to like this game. I trudged through Chapters 4 and 5, but by the time I got to 6, I couldn't take it anymore. I am offended, and I want my money back. I want my hours back, too. By my calculation, Lucas Arts and company owe me about $167.32. Please do me a favor and don't buy this crap.

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Overdroid said...

But. . .
I saw you playing it at rehearsal and you seemed to be having fun. Or is that just because you were using it to flirt with some one?